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As part of your registration for Irish Dance lessons, McConnell School of Dance provides the opportunity for dancers in our school to perform at several events throughout the dance season.   Performance is optional for all students.

Requirements for Performance
·        Dancers are required to have a well-fitting costume for their current level in order to perform.
·        Students, who do not know their dances, frequently miss classes, or who fall behind on their steps may not perform all routines with their current level.  
·        Dancers who are behind their current level should consider private lessons to assist them in catching up with their class
·        Decisions regarding which dances a student performs are left to the discretion of the instructors and the school as it is our responsibility to consider the entire group.

·        Our performances include both traditional and modern style Irish dances.  Traditional Ceili dances and choreographed routines for our classes have a set number of dancers required for each dance.  Please be considerate of other dancers by making sure you attend the performances if you have committed to it at the beginning of the season.



       2014 - 2015 FOLKLORAMA
       2014 - 2015 COMPETITIVE SUMMER
       2015 - 2016 GENERAL DIVISION 
       2015 - 2016 PERFORMANCE DIVISION
       2015 - 2016 COMPETITIVE DIVISION
       2015 - 2016 BRANDON DIVISION

Performance Information
For dancers and parents

  • If you commit to a performance please do your best to attend.  Class time is dedicated to rehearsals and the other students and instructors are counting on your participation.  Last minute cancellations upset the routines and make it difficult for everyone in the class. 
  • Performance information (location, arrival & performance times, etc.) is sent out via e-mail approximately 1 week prior to major performances (St. Patrick's Fest', Recital, and Folklorama).
  • Important dates may be sent out via e-mail and posted on the website, so please be sure to check your e-mail and the website close to upcoming events. 
  • Please try to arrive on time for shows and allow for traffic or parking delays.
  • If you are running late, please do not speed and risk accident. 
  • Always arrive with your wig on, socks & tights on, and make-up applied.
  • All dancers will need to be checked in and out of dressing room.  Dancers under 12 will require an authorized parent or guardian to check out.
  • Parents are not allowed in dressing rooms at any performance, unless they are designated as dressing room volunteers.
  • Parents should not ask to speak with Instructors at a performance as their attention is focused on the show and our performing dancers.  Applying make-up and changing costumes in public washrooms should be avoided, if possible.
  • Be respectful of limited amounts of space in dressing rooms, especially when sharing with other performing groups. 
  • Healthy, non-messy snacks and drinks (clear liquids) are recommended for all dancers in the dressing room at performances as dancer's burn a great deal of energy.  Please send peanut free snacks as we have dancers with serious allergies.
  • Practicing in public is considered unprofessional and dancing in lobbies, waiting rooms or hallways is not permitted (unless under the supervision of a teacher)
  • Leave dressing rooms clean after using them.  Please take garbage home with you, if refuse containers are not provided.
  • It is customary and considered good form for dancers or groups who perform at the same show to politely watch each other's performance (if possible) and offer congratulations on successful show.  Please make every effort to foster good relations with other dancers and groups at shows.
  • Please do not discuss or grade other dancers or groups in public and refrain from making derogatory remarks about other performers.
  • Please remember that while wearing your McConnell School of Dance attire, or costume, you are representing the entire school and appropriate and polite behaviour is expected at all times. 
All annoucements are sent out via e-mail.  If  you are not receiving school email updates, please contact us immediately.