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McConnell School of Dance Students Association Inc.
MSDSA is a non-profit corporation, established to assist all students with McConnell School of Dance. Membership is free to all students and dependant on yearly registration with McConnell School of Dance.
Board Meetings
are held at the studio and are open for all students and parents to attend.  All dancers and parents are encouraged to actively participate in events with regards to our Students Association.  Eight board positions are elected yearly and board members are expected to participate in fundraising activities.  Board nomination sheets are posted at the beginning of each dance season and elections take place at our Annual General Meeting at the end of September.
Please check the bulletin board at the studio for meeting dates

Jackie White Lyons
Memorial Scholarship Award
Established in 2008

A scholarship awarded to dancers with McConnell School of Dance for outstanding achievement.  In memory of dancer, instructor, and friend, Jackie White Lyons.

  2008 - Laura Balagus
  2009 - Mary-Margaret Magyar & Hilary Balagus
  2010 - Hilary Balagus & Danielle Sliboda
  2011 - Wendy Havens
  2013 - Seven Towers Dancers, Ballymena
            Northern Ireland

is looking for Board Members!
Dancers or Parents (for students under 18) are encouraged to consider a position on our Board of Directors. 
Please consider becoming an active member as our dancers benefit a great deal thanks to our Student's Association

Annual Costume Swap
MSDSA - McConnell School of Dance Student's Association hosts an annual costume swap to assist dancers who wish to sell or purchase Irish dance shoes, costumes, and accessories.

 A large selection of 2nd hand costumes, shoes, and dance supplies will be available for sale!