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Practice Tips

Always remember to stretch & warm up before you dance. Don't forget to cool down afterwards!

Practicing with music is essential for all Irish Dancers. When practicing with music remember to start off with the  slowest speed and work towards the fastest. 

Make sure timing is correct at the slow speed before  processing to faster tunes.

It's important for Irish dancers to learn to dance to a varietyof tunes, so try new songs
  and different tempos!

Correct posture for Irish dance has chin up, shoulders back, and arms down by your sides with fingers curled under.  Arms should be straight but not too ridgid.

Toes should be turned out at all times and feet should be placed one behind the other  with knees locked tight together.

Dance up high on the balls of the foot and never let heels touch the ground.

Wear correct footwear when practicing & use your hard shoes for practice
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Irish Dance

Practice Videos
Beginner Reel
Light Jig

Bungrad-  Reel, Light Jig, Single Jig, Slip Jig
Ullmhuchan - coming soon
Meangrad - coming soon

McConnell Practice Guide
Irish Dance is disciplined learning and requires consistent practice and effort to become proficient. Like any skilful activity, hard work is required to achieve success.  In order for a dancer to progress in Irish dance, hard work, dedication, and at-home practice is essential.  We encourage all students to practice at home and parental assistance is necessary.

Personal progress and performance are directly affected by practice time, attitude and effort in class and at home.Practice Music: Practice tunes are available for listening on the member's area of the website.  Due to copyright legislation, we are unable to provide dancers with music for their routines at performances.  Irish dance music is timed accurately we encourage dancers to use practice music provided on the website.
How long should my child practice?
Daily practice will help dancers to remember steps and improve technique. 
Dancers should try to practice at least three times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes.

 Remember to warm up and stretch well before every practice.  Don't forget to cool down. 
To increase flexibility, dancers should spend at least 10 minutes a day stretching.

       Information for Parents:   Supporting your dancer
Some children have a natural drive to practice on their own. These dancers need only support and encouragement
 to continue with their good practice habits.

Some dancers desire to progress with their dancing but have trouble understanding how to fit practice time into their day. These children often need help from their parents to set out a weekly practice plan and stick to it. Quite often, after a month or two of help and support, these children can learn to practice diligently on their own to achieve their goals.
It is important to discover what your child's practice style is and compare that with what their goals are for their dancing. As an Irish dance parent, your most important role is to accept the character type of your child and do your best to be supportive of them and the decisions they make regarding their Irish dance

Only offer encouragement, especially when your child may be struggling.

Avoid criticizing your child's practice or performance.

Stick to your parental role. Avoid trying to be your child's coach or teacher
 (i.e. becoming too involved in steps or technique, etc).

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Practicing with music DOES make a difference!  It helps timing and rhythm so please use music as much as you can.
Try different using tunes with varying tempos so you get used to keeping in time with music, at all speeds. Always begin with the slow speed and work up to the faster tempos.

Written Steps
Pointing Toes
5th Position
If a dancer is struggling or falling behind, please consider a private lesson or two to help them catch up.

Beginner Reel - Jump 23's / Change 23's
Light Jig - Slow Tempo
Light Jig - Fast Temp

Bungrad Reel
Bungrad Light Jig
Bungrad Single Jig
Bungrad Slip Jig

Ullmhuchan Reel
Ullmhuchan Single Jig
Ullmhuchan Slip Jig
Ullmhuchan Heavy Jig
Ullmhuchan Hornpipe