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McConnell School of Irish Dance is a registered member of
Cumann Rince Náisiúnta(CRN), based in Dublin, Ireland.
 Our students compete in CRN's Open Platform Feis (competitions),
which take place at the Regional, National, and World Open levels.

  •  Dancers compete in 5 Solo Levels of CRN- Bunghrád,Ullmhúchán, Meanghrád, Ardghrád, Craobhghrád (Champion)
  • Competitions are offered for all ages and abilities, including adult students.
  • Team competitions include all traditional figure dances and modern choreography
  • CRN U.S.A Feis are held in Minneapolis MN, Dayton OH, Harrisburg PV, Philadelphia PV, Atlanta GA, and many other cities across the U.S.A, Ireland, and Australia.
  • CRN Dancers also have the option to compete in any Open Platform Feis

The Competitive season extends Sept - May for dancers who wish to compete in our school or nearby competitions. For dancers who wish to compete at the Regional, National, or World competitions, the season will extend Sept - August.

  • Competition is not mandatory for dancers enrolled in Competitive programs. 
  • Our competitive program is ideal for dancers who wish to brush up on technique or who need additional learning time.

2015 - 2016 Class Schedule


       2014 - 2015 FOLKLORAMA
       2014 - 2015 COMPETITIVE SUMMER
       2015 - 2016 GENERAL DIVISION 
       2015 - 2016 PERFORMANCE DIVISION
       2015 - 2016 COMPETITIVE DIVISION
       2015 - 2016 BRANDON DIVISION

Competitive Irish Dance
There are several major competitive Irish Dance organizations world-wide who offer either Open or Closed Platform Irish dance
competitions. Open platform competitions are open for any dancer, from any school to participate. Closed platform competitions
are limited to only open to those who belong to a particular organization.

Why Compete?
  • Competitions help motivate students to set individual goals and improve their technique.
  • Competitive Irish dancers have the opportunity to travel and meet other Irish dancers from around the world.
  • Improving technical skills in dance takes a great deal of self-discipline, patience, focus, hard work and commitment.
  • Dancers who are dedicated to competing and advancing through the levels through hard work will become better technical
  • Dancers and learn valuable life skills.

Why CRN?
Having been an independent Irish Dance school for over 80 years, the decision to affiliate with an Irish dance organizations was one
we approached with a great deal of thought. CRN is the organization which best aligns with the principals our school was founded
upon and operate their competitions based on a system of fairness and integrity with in their judging system.

What is CRN?

Cumann Rince Náisiúnta ( koo-mun, rin-ka, now-shun-tuh)
CRN was established in 1982 in Dublin, Ireland by the late Ita Cadwell. CRN is the only organization whose competitions successfully operate with the Open Platform, where any dancer from any teacher, from any part of the world or any organisation can compete.

CRN believes in honesty, justice and fairness in competitions. CRN's motto is: "Do not do to others what you would not like done to you". CRN's founder Ita Cadwell used the following phrase: "The honest road is the right and just road to take, but it is also a very hard and difficult road to take.

CRN is widely known as a traditional dance organization and it has successfully maintained the integrity of traditional dances, while actively encouraging the development of new and innovative work. Great thought was put into considering the developmental levels of students and their capacity to execute work in solo dances.

Five (5) grades/levels of dance were established. In an ongoing effort to honour tradition and continually protect the developmental
process of dancers a grading system is in operation in all 5 levels and grades. This system ensures that appropriate technique is being taught at each level.

CRN is committed to protecting the integrity and purity of the Irish Dance tradition.

CRN is very proud of the standard of dance education among its members. This standard was achieved through establishing a compulsory and rigorous teacher-training course and requires two to three years of supervised training in Ireland CRN Adjudicators must complete an additional two years of supervised study, taught by recognized trainers with Cumann Rince Náisiúnta. Additionally, the Instructor Examining Panel are also required to pursue continuing education.

For more information on CRN, please visit their websites

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