McConnell Irish Dance


McConnell School of Dance is a proud sponsor of the CRN Canada Feile, Manitoba's only Open Platform Irish Dance Competition.

The Canada Feile was established in 2016 and is CRN's only Canadian competition.    

Dancers compete in 5 Solo Levels of CRN  Bunghrád, Ullmhúchán, Meanghrád, Ardghrád, and Craobhghrád 

  • Competitions are offered for all ages and abilities, including adult students.
  • Team competitions include all traditional figure dances and modern choreography.
  • All dancers are welcome to compete in our Open Platform Irish dance competition, regardless of school, organisation or affiliation.



Sunday, May 24th, 2020

Save the date for Canada Feile 2020.  Location and more details will follow, stay tuned!



Saturday, May 25th, 2019 

Congratulations to all the dancers who competed in Canada Feile 2019!

Our adjudicator Mr. Brian Cleary ADCRN, was delightful to dance for and his heartfelt chats with the audience and individual dancers throughout the day made the experience special for all.  We are very fortunate to have one of the original founding members of CRN adjudicate our féile this year and we thank him for all he's done to promote Open Platform Irish dance and CRN in North America.

Sincere thanks to our volunteers, some of whom worked double and triple shifts during the day!

Maclean Boyd, Karen Boyd, Becky Nikloaisen, Tyler Foster, Julie Fisher, Simone Magee, Kent Freeman, Jacquie Cumming, Jocelyn Grant, Allison Steeves, Jill Mowbray, Jackie Naphin, Janice McGuire, Shawnda Sedlacek, Betina Roberts, Stacie Meihm, Corrine McGinn, Kathryn Gislason, Joan Warden, Kate Hodgins, Kathie Francis, Simon Havens, and Sandi Magyar

Many thanks to our scrutineers;

Kristin Legault, Tracy Balagus, Christa Traczuk, Julie Fisher, and Sue Mozdzen

Special thanks to our instructors;

Shayleen McConnell Finucan, Wendy Havens & Mary-Margaret Magyar (also our feile photographer)

The amount of hours that go into organising a competition are more than anyone could imagine and we are extremely grateful for how much the give to the school and their students!