McConnell Irish Dancers

Established in 1947        80 Years of Irish Dance        3 Generations OF IRISH DANCE TRADITION       MANITOBA'S LARGEST IRISH DANCE SCHOOL 



We offer the highest quality Irish dance instruction for students 3 years old to Adult.
Programs to suit all needs including Recreational, Competitive, and Performance.
Small class size in a family oriented school.


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Over 100 years and 3 generations of Irish Dance Tradition!

Proudly registered member of Cumann Rince Náisiúnta (CRN) based in Dublin, Ireland

  • Classes for ages 3 & up
  • Beginner - Advanced
  • Adult Classes
  • Recreational Lessons
  • Competitive Program
  • Performance Teams
  • Small Class Size & Quality Instruction
  • Annual Recital & St. Patrick's Performances, Folklorama
  • International Travel Opportunities
  • Member of C.I.O.F.F Canada
  • Folklorama Sponsors of United Kingdom Pavilion
  • Family oriented atmosphere where dancers make life-long friendships


Which Division is right for you?

Recreational Division
Students looking for a recreational Irish dance pr
ogram are encouraged to enrol in our Recreational Division.

  • Enjoy the Basics of Irish with opportunity to advance to higher levels at your own pace
  • Suitable for dancers from Beginner to Advanced. 
  • General Division is ideal for students new to Irish dance, and dancers who are involved in other activities.

The General Division season extends from September - May (9 months) with optional summer classes for in June and July.
General Division dancers learn traditional and modern styles of Irish dance.  
General dancers have the option to take one class per week or attend multiple classes
General Division Students are invited perform at St. Patrick’s Fest, Year End Recital, and at Folklorama.

Competitive Division
McConnell School of Irish Dance is a registered member of Cumann Rince Náisiúnta(CRN), based in Dublin, Ireland.  Dancers compete in CRN's Open Platform Feis, which take place at the Regional, National, & World  levels. 
Dancers compete in 5 Solo Levels of CRN - Bunghrád, Ullmhuchán, Meanghrád, Ardghárd, Craobhghrád.

  • Competitions are offered for all ages and abilities, including adult students.
  • Team competitions include traditional figure dances and modern choreography

CRN U.S.A Feis are held in Minneapolis MN, Dayton OH, Harrisburg PV, Philadelphia PV, Atlanta GA, Dublin CA, and many other cities across the U.S.A, Ireland, and Australia.  McConnell Dancers also have the option to compete in any Open Platform Feis.

The Competitive season extends Sept - May for dancers who wish to compete in our school or nearby competitions. For dancers who wish to compete at the Regional, National, or World competitions, the season will extend Sept - August.

Competition is not mandatory.  Our competitive program is ideal for dancers who wish to brush up on technique or who need  additional learning time.


Brandon Division
McConnell School of Irish Dance offers classes for Recreational, Competitive, and Performance Irish Dance in Brandon, Manitoba.  Classes are held on Wednesday evenings at the Brandon School of Dance and all ages and abilities welcome, including Adults.

The Brandon Division season begins in September and extends util the end of May.  Brandon Division dancers are invited to perform at the Year End Recital and Folklorama as well as numerous local shows.

Summer classes are also offered for Brandon Division dancers who wish to participate in Folklorama or compete in Regional and National competitions.


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