McConnell School of Dance

Student's Association

MSDSA is a non-profit corporation, established to assist all students with McConnell School of Dance. Membership is free to all students and dependant on yearly registration with McConnell School of Dance.

All dancers and parents are encouraged to actively participate in events with regards to our Students Association.  Eight board positions are elected yearly and board members are expected to participate in fundraising activities.  Board nomination sheets are posted at the beginning of each dance season and elections take place at our Annual General Meeting.

Mandate: To promote and preserve Irish and Celtic culture and dance and to assist students and parents enrolled with McConnell School of Dance.

Membership: Students are issue a yearly membership with MSDSA upon registration with McConnell School of Dance.  Dancers under 18 years of age may have one parent/guardian representative.


Jackie White Lyons Memorial Scholarship Award

Established in 2008

A scholarship awarded to dancers with McConnell School of Dance for outstanding achievement.  In memory of dancer, instructor, and friend, Jackie White Lyons.

  • 2008 - Laura Balagus
  • 2009 - Mary-Margaret Magyar & Hilary Balagus
  • 2010 - Hilary Balagus & Danielle Sliboda
  • 2011 - Wendy Havens
  • 2013 - Seven Towers Dancers (Ballymena, Northern Ireland)
  • 2015 - Mackenzie Sarvis
  • 2016 - Bailey Cumming
  • 2017 - Ripley Havens
  • 2018 - Gillian Black
  • 2019 - Tyler Lyons & Keely Lyon​
  • 2021 - Laura Boyd
  • 2022 - Kiera Legault
  • 2023 - Mary-Margaret Magyar
  • 2024 - Isla Fisher

Vicki Cielen Memorial Scholarship Award

Established in 2015

Presented in Memory of Victoria Lynn Cielen, McConnell dancer, instructor, and educator.  "Our Youth are the leaders of tomorrow, our future...and the future looks bright."

  • 2015 - Lizann Magee
  • 2016 - Isabella Naphin
  • 2017 - Annika Magee
  • 2018 - Lauren Rousseau
  • 2022 - Danya Mozdzen
  • 2023 - Isla Fisher
  • 2024 - Cailin Finlay
McConnell School of Dance Student's Association organises fundraisers throughout the season to for the benefit of our dancers and activities.
Fundraising is optional for all Recreational students.
General funds raised go towards group activities such as the Jackie White Lyon's Scholarship, MSDSA events and supplies,.  Yearly fundraisers may include "Mom's Pantry Product" Sales, Perogie Sales, Plant Sale Fundraisers, Raffles, Draws and more.
Funds raised through Performance Division go towards our performance division expenses for travel subsidy, show costumes, workshops, sound and lighting equipment.  Funds raised in performance division may be for individual or group expenses, based on the needs of the organisation and dancers in the division.  Performance and Competitive dancers may choose to take part in fundraisers or opt out with a financial donation (to be determined each season) based on the year's activities.