McConnell Irish Dance provides all dancers the opportunity to perform at our annual events.  Performance allows dancers the opportunity to showcase their hard work and accomplishments to family and friends, helps build confidence, and motivates dancers to achieve higher levels. 
Performance is optional and students require a school costume if they wish to perform.


Sunday, March 17th, 2024

Location - CCFM 341 Provencher Blvd

McConnell Irish Dancers host a yearly St. Patrick's Day event every March 17th to promote Irish culture and celebrate Ireland's Patron Saint. 

Over the years McConnell Irish Dance's St. Patrick's Fest has grown to become Winnipeg's largest St. Patrick's Day event with performances from our dancers as well as local bands and cultural artists.

St. Patrick's Fest' is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to perform for their family, friends, and the general public who attend the event.

Traditional Irish food and beverages are sold and the evening is filled with continuous entertainment, an Irish market with souvenirs for sale, silent auctions, and fun activities for families and children.

All dancers are invited and encourage to perform at our St. Patrick's Fest!


Friday, June 14th, 2024 

Location - Prairie Theatre Exchange

McConnell School of Dance is proud hold our 76tj Annual Recital this season.  Our Annual Recital is the culmination of a year's worth of hard work on the part of our dancers and instructors and is a great opportunity for parents and family members to come out and cheer the dancers on.

Annual scholarship recipients are announced (MSDSA's Jacquie White Lyons & Vickie Celine) and dancers make memories to last a lifetime.  

The Annual Recital is held at the end of our Full Season (Sept - June) at Prairie Theatre Exchange.  Tickets tickets are available for sale in May.

Generations of Irish dancers have looked forward to our Annual Recital and all McConnell Irish Dancers are encouraged to participate.



Folklorama 2024 

Week 2 August 11 - 17th, 2024
All McConnell Irish dancers are welcome and encouraged to join us in performing at Folklorama.  The opportunity is open for students of all ages and abilities, including Preschool, Beginner, and Adult students.

Folklorama is fun and exciting opportunity for dancers to perform in a professionally produced show with a fabulous live band.  Dancers also gain experience with other styles of dance as Irish, English, Welsh, and Scottish dancing are featured in the show at the British Isles Pavilion.

All proceeds from the pavilion go directly to our non-profit organisation MSDSA, in support of our dancers.

All positions at the pavilion are 100% volunteer!

The pavilion start up funds are raised through fundraising events during the dance season, so if you can't participate in Folklorama,  please help support our fundraisers!


We are extremely proud to be founding members of Folklorama.  Sam McConnell was one of the original 12 members who created the Folk Arts Council of Winnipeg in 1965 and we have continued to be active members in the organisation.

Through the years, McConnell dancers have performed at the Ireland-Irish Pavilion, Emerald Isle Pavilion, and the Mug Pub Pavilion.  McConnell Irish Dance has sponsored and operated the Isle of the Shamrock Pavilion, the United Kingdom Pavilion and currently sponsors the British Isles Pavilion.
McConnell Irish dance parents and members Bob Beaton and Stan Hall have both served as Folklorama Presidents and Tracy Balagus served on the Board of Directors.